Our winery is our family...extended

The Aldrighetti Farm, located in the amazing hills of Valpolicella Classical area, began its history in 1818.

Following the purchase of some plots in “Bignele” area, near the village of Valgatara, in Marano di Valpolicella, the Aldrighetti family begins to cultivate grapes and other crops.

Our family, always peasant tradition, continues over the years to cultivate the land with passion and dedication, now counting 9 hectares of vineyards in the valleys of Marano di Valpolicella, Negrar and San Pietro in Cariano.

The siblings Nicola, Silvia and Cecilia, continue today to run the company under the active supervision of their father Luigi and uncle Angelo, pillars of the family.

Our company is traditionally family-run and the work is followed by family members. For this reason, in each season different tasks are dealt with according to the priorities that the period and the culture requires. Usually, however, everyone tries to do the work likes him more.

Angelo loves to be in close contact with nature and handles, like a good father, of the care of vineyards and soil, following every stage of crops.

His brother Luigi, instead, is the family wine cellar man, who takes care to follow all the phases of the delicate wine-making process. Nothing is left to chance, but to the wise hands of Luigi, who bring every kind of wine to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Nicola diligently follows the complete production chain. Tireless worker, he divides between job in the vineyard and in the cellar, also bottling and labeling steps.

Silvia, with a sunny character, loves to be in contact with the public and is always present in the cellar with Debora, ready to accompany customers in visits and tastings. She also follows the commercial and administrative part of the company.

Cecilia follows tours and tastings in the cellar like her sister, but also the management of the recently opened wine accommodation together with Caterina.

In short, to each his task!

But in the most important phase of the year, the harvest, we are all united to put the best experience, tradition and technique in the production of Valpolicella’s classical wines.

Not only wine but also cherry trees, which give romantic notes in spring and a delicious fruit in summer. Just with our cherries we produce jam and nectar, you can find in the cellar and in the breakfast of our accommodation.

This is a simple invitation to taste our products during different tasting experiences.

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