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azienda History

The history of winery Aldrighetti begins in 1818 with the purchase of some lots around the locality “Bignele”, a place surounded by the nature of the classic Valpolicella hills, near a then small country village called Valgatara (which is now an outlying suburb hamlet of Marano di Valpolicella).

From time our family has been of paesant traditions and has tilled the land with passion and devotion for years. Our winary strechs on a hilly land, with 8 hectars of vineyards, located at about 300 meters above sea level, and is runned by the two brothers Luigi and Angelo Aldrighetti together with their children Nicola and Silvia.

To keep up with our traditions, our firm is still a family-run business, where work is overseen exclusively by the members of our family; for this reason in our winery everyone performs different duties according to the needs of the period, trying, nevertheless, to do the works that mostly thrills her/him: Angelo is dedicated to the care of the vineyards and of the land, in particular by supervising each grapevine’s phase, whereas in the cellar his brother Luigi takes care of the wine pouring from one cask to another, and he verifyes both the wine level inside the different barrels and makes sure that each type of wine exceeds the most discriminating tastes. Besides the work in the vineyard and in the cellar, Nicola is engaged in the bottling and labelling of each bottle, whilst Silvia is in charge of the commercial and administrative part.

In short, everyone has got one’s share of work, but during the most demanding part of the year, the grape-harvest time, we are all joined together in order to offer the best of experience, tradition and technic in the production of Classic Valpolicella wines.

During vintage, the selected bunches are hand-picked, layed down in wooden cases and dryed in the orchard for almost 120 days (according to vintage).

Only after the pressing of these fine grapes, we produce Amarone and Recioto Classico della Valpolicella.

This is just an invitation to taste these wines in our tasting room.

We are waiting for you!